Friday, June 15, 2007

Beer Samples

I met with Kim on Tuesday and we went to Buffalo Bill's in downtown Hayward. We each had the beer sampler and Kim educated me a little on the finer points of beer tasting. Contrary to reports elsewhere, I did not get "plowed." heehee We had some yummy jalape├▒os that started this nasty rumor of my inability to hold my liquor. I managed to get a really hot one and it did a number on me. Whew! was it ever hot!

Conversation was great and we laughed a lot. After we finished stuffing ourselves, we took a walk down B Street and stopped at Starbucks for coffee and frappuccino. We walked back up A Street and I took Kim back to her hotel.

Thanks, Kim. :)


  1. So, just what WAS that backhoe doing on A Street, hmmmm?

    *raises Phil Keoghan-esque eyebrow*


  2. Did you just call me a hoe? *blinks*

  3. Glad you hoes,oops, I mean ladies, oops, I mean chicks had a good time. Kim drank all of the beer on this side of the bay too. :)

  4. Well if it isn't Miss Peep Meet!

  5. I'll never forget that you were my first, Puffy. :)

  6. You tell the story YOUR way, I'll tell it mine. In mine, you were loaded. :-)