Friday, June 15, 2007

Beer Samples

I met with Kim on Tuesday and we went to Buffalo Bill's in downtown Hayward. We each had the beer sampler and Kim educated me a little on the finer points of beer tasting. Contrary to reports elsewhere, I did not get "plowed." heehee We had some yummy jalapeƱos that started this nasty rumor of my inability to hold my liquor. I managed to get a really hot one and it did a number on me. Whew! was it ever hot!

Conversation was great and we laughed a lot. After we finished stuffing ourselves, we took a walk down B Street and stopped at Starbucks for coffee and frappuccino. We walked back up A Street and I took Kim back to her hotel.

Thanks, Kim. :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday Musings

I've just been puttering around on the computer making sig pics for folks. I did not expect the response I got when I made that offer - talk about a deluge! I think I'm done with about a third of the requests that were made.

Last day of school was yesterday but the girls will continue to do some work through the summer - math, reading, writing. We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Thursday and it was fantastic. The shark tank was very cool with some huge tuna and huge-mongous sunfish. I didn't know they were that big. Three divers entered the tank while we were there. One was cleaning while the other two kept an eye on the sharks (and waved at the kids). All of the exhibits were beautiful and I'm looking forward to when we can spend some more time there.

I haven't heard much from my big girl. She tends to only call me when she needs something but I take what I can get. She owes us money so it's hard to just call her to pass the time of day without that subject coming up and I'm a little tired of asking about it. Oh well.

We're gearing up for the big trip to Washington in just a few weeks. My mom is going to fly out here and drive up with us. My brother is getting married on the 7th and I'll be making the cake. I need to get busy making sugar flowers so I'm not rushing to do it the week before. I called my friend that lives in Sequim and she offered for us to stay with them the entire week of the 9th-13th. I was only thinking of staying with them for a couple of days and then hotelling it after that. She said that would be silly, that their home is central to many of the things we want to do and we should just make their house our home base for the week. What a financial boon for us! After that it's on to the Peep Meet. I'm so looking forward to that. It'll be very cool to meet some more of the great OT peeps.